Professional Drone Inspections in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Can you spot the issues on this water tower?

Would an inspector be able to see this damage from the upper access area?

Or would they have to rappel down the side?

What kind of risks are involved with that inspector descending down the side of a 180 foot tall water tower?

Instead, drone inspections offer a safe and viable alternative.

Large corporations are already realizing the benefits of using drones to inspect their critical assets and infrastructure. Cell phone towers, wind turbines, and electrical transmission lines are already being inspected using drones instead of typical manned inspection methods.

At Drone Service Professionals LLC, we specialize in a safe and reliable drone operation, providing comprehensive solutions for businesses and civil governments surrounding the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area and beyond. As a fully licensed and insured UAS operator, we offer a safe and convenient way of performing drone inspections for your business.

Asset and Site Inspections

Mitigated OSHA risk for workers, allowing inspections at heights to be safely performed remotely.
Maintenance, engineering, and product stakeholders can easily communicate about the current status of assets.
3D models allow inspection photographs to be viewed and annotated in reference to their actual location on the asset.

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