Professional Drone Mapping in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Deploying Drones and UAS to Capture Your Mapping and Modeling Data

Drone mapping and modeling is rapidly becoming an industry-leading method of using aerial data to perform remote site monitoring, asset inspections, and even linear and volumetric measurements.

But deploying your own drone equipment and pilots can be complex and costly for businesses that don’t have the time to hire and manage their own in-house drone department.

And trying to keep up with drone maintenance, pilot training, and ever-changing federal, state, and city regulations can be overwhelming.

At Drone Service Professionals LLC, we take pride in professional drone mapping services, providing comprehensive solutions for businesses and civil governments surrounding the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area and beyond. As a fully licensed and insured UAS operator, we deploy our own in-house trained pilots to offer a safe and convenient way of drone mapping and modeling.

Reality Capture and 3D Modeling

Virtually monitor site, property, or asset developments.
Create a permanent record of installation, allowing snapshots in time to be referred to at a later date.
Allow stakeholders and customers to remotely visualize assets and real estate.
Perform both linear and volumetric measurement estimates, for measuring stockpile volumes, areas, or dimensions.

2D Orthomosaic Maps

Significantly higher resolution compared to publicly accessible satellite imagery.
Near real-time results, typically available within 0-2 days of capture.
The ability to monitor and visualize a site’s development or changes remotely.

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